Please read through the FAQ page BEFORE submitting your questionnaire
Copy and paste the survey and you can email it to me at
1. Are you looking for a pet, breeder, or show cat?
2. Do you have a preference for gender?
3. Do you have a preference for Color? (Brown, Snow (SLP/Mink))
4. Describe the type of cat or kitten you are looking for (looks, temperament)
5. Why do you want a Bengal?
6.Have you ever owned a cat?
7. Do you currently have pets? If yes, how many and what kind? 8.
 Will your cat/kitten be allowed to roam freely around your home 24/7? If no, please explain.
9. Do you plan on declawing your cat/kitten?If you do, please tell.
10. Who will be the primary person responsible for the cat/kitten and what is their age?
11.How many hours will the cat/kitten be alone during the day?
12. Do you rent or own? And do you have permission to own a cat?
13. Are you mindful of the fact that all of our pet kittens will be spayed/neutered before leaving our home?
14. We feed a raw diet. Is this something you would consider continuing? 
Have you read through the Bengal History?