We have a small in-home cattery in Jersey City, New Jersey. We pride ourselves on producing quality Purebred Bengal Kittens that are well socialized. Our goal is to provide visually stunning Bengals with a strong chin, wide nose bridge, smaller rounded ears, large eyes (and of course everything else that makes the perfect head), and very contrasted markings with little to no ticking.  We love raising these beautiful creatures.
Since we started breeding, we have our human family are two boys and one girl who have very willingly become our kitten tamers. They love playing with the kittens and get them acclimate to noisy households with children. My daughter loves going to cat shows and presenting the kittens and cat on the rings.  

Giannisbengal is a small home cattery.  We look for the finest selection of Bengal cats, what we could find.

We have SBT Bengals (many generations down from the Asian Leopard Cat).
Our kittens bred for their excellent muscular wild type, incredible leopard patterns with good contrast, and lovely friendly temperaments.  They are active, interactive, confident, social and intelligent.  All these features our kitties probably inherited from the wild cat's nature.
Our cattery, registered in the system of The International Cat Association (TICA) and has been breeding cats.

The concept idea of our Bengal cat cattery is to achieve Bengal Breed Standard perfection in each kitten.
Our priority is to provide our wild-printed pets with the best level of habitation. Our animals live in a friendly family atmosphere.

A licensed veterinarian vaccinates all our Bengal kittens for sale.  All the cats have negative tests for PK-Def and PRA.

The rare combination of colors and certain "wild" print makes Bengal kittens a wishful present for anybody.  They are right excellent domestic companions.  For available kittens and cats, please contact us (201) 522-9317 or (201) 522-7449.

You can contact us on our first instagram page or on our second Instagram page. Also we have a facebook page where you can also contact us. Plus you can see some of our most recent pictures and newest kittens on our social media!

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CH Anjou Hunter of Giannisbengal

RW QGC Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal

Panache Asia of Giannisbengal

Urbanexotic Sassy of Giannisbenagls

CH Giannisbengal Jane

LaVieAnge Juliet of Giannisbengal